The Norish Girl Origins

My name is Heather a.k.a The Norish Girl
The Norish Girl, pronounced "Nor-ish" represents my Norwegian and Irish heritage. Also, I am married to an adorable Irishman. 

The Norish Girl was founded May 2016, after I taught myself how to crochet with YouTube videos in November 2015. I quickly picked up reading patterns, and the passion was ignited. I grew up with my grandma crocheting, but she only did pot holders. My first craft was cross-stitch, which I taught myself the summer of 2010, when I was briefly unemployed, and needed something to occupy my time. I love cross-stitch, and through Instagram, connected to a large community. Some of my best friends are through IG, but it always felt better as a hobby versus a thriving business. Once I learned crochet, I knew I wanted to make something out of it, and joined another amazing community of crafters. 

My mission and goal is to share my passion of crochet with others, but to also show the beauty and durability of how resilient crochet can be. I've found that with crochet, a lot of people relate it back to scratchy blankets, or outfits they had to endure for family holidays, and cold weather. Those days are long gone.

I hope someday to create for you, and fill your home with the love I pour into every item I make. 

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